RentIt 1.2


A Dolibarr ERP plug-in custom module that uses Contracts to manage rentals or leasing of asset equipment.  For example this could be vehicles, rooms, medical equipment, power tools or clothing.

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Make money from your assets and resources

Dolibarr Plug-In Module for renting and leasing equipment and assets.  Easily manage your assets and resources using Rent It and maximize your return on investment.

  • Rental equipment/resources are defined as assets and managed separately to inventory
  • Keep a history of all rentals, leases, faults, service records and assets
  • Serialize your rental pool and keep track of each serial number individually
  • Manage and schedule maintenance and repair to your rental assets with full history
  • Manage certificates with expiry dates for each asset.  Prevent renting when a certificate is expired
  • Workflows make it easy to track equipment and resources and know what is available to rent/lease
  • Integrated into Dolibarr Contracts to manage time based rental services.  Activate and deactivate rentals according to schedule
  • Easily assign and return single or multiple rental assets to each contract and/or contract line
  • Automatically record rental duration periods and compare them against rental availability time to get valuable usage statistics

Test out Rent It on our demo page.  It refreshes all data at 12am UTC every day so make sure you finish your assessment by then!  Anyone can have access so there may be others playing with it at the same time.

User manual is here with tutorials.

Rent It renting and leasing software
Rent It Renting and leasing software

User manual:

Admin/Setup manual:




  • Version compatibility update
  • Fix certificate label
  • Module description and help
  • Add card icons
  • Assign serial numbers to contract lines automatically
  • Un-expire all certificate statuses automatically
  • Change permissions to be simple read/write/delete
  • Fix view of attachments in serial number card


  • Database change to non-case sensitive searches
  • Auto loading information when creating new Serial Numbers
  • Correcting calculation of rental durations
  • Translation updated
  • Change service records to maintenance records to avoid confusion
  • Remove certificate search restriction for serial numbers


  • Initial release