ERP Consulting was started in 2019 by Jason Dear, a software consultant and electronic design engineer. Helping his wife run her medical device company, Sports Health Ltd, he was tasked with building a Rental Module for their ERP system Dolibarr. Nothing on the Dolibarr market place (Dolistore) seemed to fit the purpose of renting out equipment that required the rigorous attention to detail of medical equipment. At the same time he was heavily involved with setting up and administrating another ERP system called Ostendo for several large companies. Given his background of operational and factory management he produced Rent It. It was thoroughly tested in the family business and helped double the rental fleet without increasing the staff count.

Since the start Jason has been more and more involved with the way companies operate, big or small. He has a freakishly accurate perception of it and ability to make things beautiful in their simplicity. Jason is also happy to consult and impart his knowledge and learning where requested. At the same time he welcomes input to increase his understanding of all things to do with business software and the needs of his customers.

Other products are being developed to fill gaps in the market where either inadequate products exist or there exists nothing that is fit for purpose. Emphasis will be placed on simplicity and functionality. Sometimes a simple concept takes a moment to grasp and visualize, but once you get it, it becomes so powerful. Staff tell us continuously that one of the thigs they love about their job is working with Dolibarr and Rent It to manage the business.